Ellen has a unique quality in her speaking and writing styles where she isn't afraid to confront harsh realities or difficult issues. Ellen has those gathered laughing, crying, and desiring to dig deep into God’s Word.

She never dreamed she'd be a Bible teacher, speaker, or writer, let alone all three. No matter the venue or spiritual level, people are encouraged to grow, challenged to change, and influenced to live as Jesus intends through Ellen’s messages.

In 2009, Ellen was diagnosed with a high-risk and aggressive form of cancer which also caused her family’s adoption journey to be halted. Even so, Ellen was challenged to live out the truth of Proverbs 24:10. If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place. The valuable lessons learned through that difficult time are found in Ellen’s first book, CRISIS: Mine’s Cancer, What’s Yours?

In 2017, Ellen published her first book in the STAND Bible study series, STAND unashamed. In 2018, STAND strong was released, and in 2019, STAND ready.






Ellen is a capable and gifted speaker, yet, if you desire an added measure of excellence through music or if you need a worship/song leader for your event, Jenny Johnson is available to join Ellen.

Jenny is a talented and qualified musician; playing keyboard and guitar, as well as a gifted vocalist. She is competent to lead your group in worship through the singing of contemporary songs and hymns. You can also count on special music to be incorporated that connects with Ellen’s messages.

Ellen and Jenny have a distinctive bond with speaking and music, delivered in a joyful, passionate, and engaging manner.

Once you choose a theme for your event, Ellen will craft the subject, further taking extra time to make it applicable to your venue. She will also collaborate with Jenny to choose a variety of songs to provide an intentional flow.

With Ellen and Jenny you are certain to be challenged to go deeper in your relationship and Jesus.