When was the last time you were awestruck at redemption? 

I am in awe of God's amazing grace that redeems lives. Jesus captures a heart, connects to a heart, and changes a heart. Because of redemption. The Redeemer also re-captures and re-connects hearts back to their Savior. 

Jesus captured my heart at a Methodist church. As a young girl I remember people standing to testify about redemption. Testimonies of how Jesus re-captured their hearts. Stories of how He redeemed their lives and re-connceted hearts back to Him. These people were doing as Psalm 107:2 says, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..."

When was the last time you said so? When was the last time you testified to redemption? When was the last time you witnessed redemption at work? 

I am so grateful for the foundation that was laid for me as a child. People not embarrassed to say so, said so. They stood in that church and proclaimed of their re-captured and re-connected lives through redemption.

Redemption - capturing, connecting, changing - happened at the altar of that Methodist church. Lives were altered at the altar. Hearts were redeemed - captured and changed - at the altar.

Every Sunday night people were challenged to bring their lost, broken, hurting, confused, angry, messed-up lives to the altar so Jesus could redeem them; capture, connect, and change their hearts. For the ones who already knew about Jesus, and His work of redemption, they came to the altar to be re-captured and re-connected to Jesus. They came to be re-altered at the altar. 

Over time, the wooden altar rails needed re-finishing. As people knelt at the wooden altar rails, as Jesus redeemed and reclaimed their hearts, the wood was receiving the tears and snot of the redeemed. Even the wooden altar rails needed a refinishing so the wood could handle more redeeming work of Jesus.

When was the last time you brought your tears and snot to the altar? What needs to be re-captured, re-connected, re-altered in your life? Kneeling at the altar will bring redemption to your heart and life. Become awestruck at God's work of redemption in your heart and life. And then... 

Let the REDEEMED of the Lord say so.