This morning I woke before the crack of dawn.

I went to bed last night with the goal of waking before the sun rose because I love to watch the sun rise. Especially at the beach. Yesterday I did the same thing. This is not something I do everyday  - just when I'm at the beach.

Kevin and I are on vacation in Gulf Shores, AL with four other couples. The goal of this vacation is to vacate our 'regular' lives and relocate for a week to a place we could rest, relax, and simply enjoy being with our friends. And what does this have to do with cracks? I am so glad you asked.

With my morning coffee and Bible in hand I went to the third deck of the beach house to await the declaration of the day's beginning. Ugh. Clouds. Everywhere. Thick, dark, layered clouds. 

I opened to Psalm 97 and read clouds and thick darkness surround him...the heavens proclaim his righteousness. I love when God's word speaks into my current reality.

I was disappointed that the clouds messed up my morning. After the Holy Spirit revealed God's word to my heart, I grabbed my camera and took a picture of the massive, cloudy eastern sky. These clouds didn't mess up a thing - God had a lesson he didn't want me to miss.

In the cracks of the clouds.

The sun's light was so powerful as it penetrated through those cracks. The light shined through the cracks displaying a beauty I almost missed because I assumed the clouds had messed up my morning. 

I have cracks. My friends I'm on vacation with have cracks. Spaces and places where certain brokenness has caused cracks. As Jesus was rerouting my attitude over the cloudy sky I was pondering the cracks in the ten people sharing the beach house. 

God made sure the sunlight peeked through the cracks in the clouds to display the beauty of a sunrise. Jesus, being the Light of the World, is able to peek through the cracks of humanity as long as he has been placed deep in hearts.

My friends are steeped in the love of Jesus, therefore, his light shines in their deep spaces and places and peeks through their cracks. Yesterday I learned some things about one of these friends in particular. She shared openly about some cracks from her life. Oh, she didn't refer to them as cracks, and until this morning's sunrise I hadn't thought of them as cracks either. 

I was amazed at her strength and resolve through some difficult circumstances that I wasn't even aware she had experienced. She definitely has cracks but like the cloudy sky, she isn't messed up. Jesus shines through her cracks because his light goes to the deep places of her heart. I love how Jesus shined in her and his light oozed out of her as she shared her cracks with me.

2Corinthians 4:6-7 teaches that God made the light of Jesus to shine in our hearts. The writer went on to use an analogy that Jesus in a heart is like a treasure in a clay pot. 

Jesus is the Light of the World shining in our hearts. Because humanity is broken, we are like clay pots that have cracks in them. Where's your focus? On the messy brokenness? Or on the Light that is waiting to shine through your broken messes, the cracks in your clay? 

I am grateful I woke before the crack of dawn to see the sun shine through the cracks in the clouds.