Perfect Performance

Luke 1:45 [NIV] blessed is she who believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!

Mary made no room for anxiety in her heart. She believed God would accomplish what he said would happen. There was no room in the inn for Mary to deliver the baby Jesus and there was no room in her heart for anxiety to be delivered.

Mary had plenty of opportunity to accomodate anxiety, after all, she's a first-time mom-to-be and she's left town days before her due date. She didn't make room for anxiety on her journey while walking miles to the little town of Bethlehem or riding on the back of a donkey. She didn't make room for anxiety as she went into labor. She didn't make room for anxiety in the only place in town for her to deliver her baby: a stable. No matter how unstable her situation, Mary refused to set a place for anxiety at her heart's table.

Mary wasn’t anxious. Mary believed God. She took him at his word. 

Luke 1:45 [KJV] for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.

Mary allowed her life to become a stage where God would present his perfect performance. Mary was determined that her stage would be performance-ready for what the Lord had told her would happen.

Is your stage performance-ready? Decorations need to be pulled from their slumber for decorating to be accomplished. Lists need to be made, items purchased for the baking and cooking to be accomplished. Shopping needs to happen for gift-giving to be accomplished. A clean house needs to be accomplished for guests to be invited over.

All that needs to be accomplished - decorating, list-making, baking, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, planning - does it make you anxious?

Anxiety and worry are like the cousins no one wants invited to any festive gathering. Why make room for them? There's no room for Jesus when worry and anxiety are allowed in. 

Some wear anxiety and worry like an ugly Christmas sweater - no one really likes them but somehow their presence makes you feel better. You don't have to make room for these uninvited characters. These holiday-bashing, party-crashing, chaos-creating characters called anxiety and worry should be confronted with a sign that says NO ROOM when they show up at your inn.

Mary wasn’t worried, she wasn’t anxious, as she delivered the Savior into the world.  She didn’t panic when she encountered no room in the inn. She wasn’t thrown into some internal chaos when she went into labor on a donkey. She had no room for anxiety and worry in her inn. She delivered the Prince of Peace on her anxiety-free stage. 

Mary made no room in the stable for these two unstable characters because Mary believed God when he said he had a perfect performance to accomplish in her life. 

Has anxiety arrested you? Has worry warped you? Do you believe God can accomplish a perfect performance on your stage? 

God used Mary as his stage to deliver the Prince of Peace so that you don’t need to be anxious or worried about anything this Christmas.

Make room for Jesus in your heart and see what performance God will do on your life's stage.