Christmas Tree

I have a black Christmas tree.

So what? What's the big deal? Why is this particular fact the beginning of a blog post?

Through this tree I have gained valuable insights since it has stood tall in my living room.

I would love to tell you I chose a black Christmas tree for some spiritual meaning but that would be a lie. I chose a black tree because it would look good in my living room. The two dark gray sofas, the black shelving unit, the black TV stand; the gray walls with white trim; the gray drapes with white shears; the gray and white throw pillows, the black & white artwork - well, you see the pattern, right? A black Chrsitmas tree would match well.

When I finally decided to make the purchase wouldn't you know they were sold out. Gone. And it was 4 weeks before December 25th. The must-have black tree was no longer available. [I don't take no for an answer very easily.] I called around to other locations of this particular store. 2-1/2 hours away a store still had a black tree available. There was only one left and they would not hold it for me.

This store that was over 150 miles away just happens to be located 2 miles from my son. A quick phone call to him and moments later he had my black Christmas tree sitting in his backseat which he delivered to me later that same day as he had previous plans to come to our house. It was meant to be.

OK, that was somewhat melodramatic but that's the story that begins the valuable insights I have gained since getting this tree.

Though the tree was purchased and chosen simply for aesthetic

Valuable Insight #1