Getting Your FIX Fixed

Is your fix broken? Perhaps your fix is fickle. Maybe your fix is in a mix-up.

Where is your focus? What are you gazing at? What has your attention? When your focus is off, even just the tiniest bit...then your FIX needs to be fixed.

I once heard someone say that the Bible has the solution to nearly all, about 90%, of people's problems. To some of you that might seem like good news. But, guess what? That's BAD NEWS because it's A LIE!!!

The truth is this: the Bible has the solution to 100% of life's problems. Every single issue any human faces the Bible has the solution. Period. 100%!! You can't get more complete than 100%. What if your problem was in the 10% category where the Bible didn't have the solution? That wouldn't be good, would it?

As a mom of six my kids at one time were convinced...OK, the youngest two still are so let's keep it that way...that I have eyes in the back of my head. When looking through the mom lens I can look many directions. They think I can see through walls. They think I can see into the basement when I'm on the first level of the house. One day, the younger two will catch up to the older four, but for now they'll continue to think I have eyes in all places. (If anyone tells them otherwise you may have more than just your fixer that needs fixing.) Anyway...

Perspective. Focus. Your problem needs a proper perspective. Your issue needs a fixed focus. But that requires God's perspective and God's focus. And that's why we can go to His Word, the Bible, to get fixed.

Hebrews 12:2 "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus..."

First of all, this is just plain good for you because it involves let-us (yup - lettuce.)

In Hebrews 12 we actually have a three layer let-us salad. You'll notice two other let-us-es in verse one, but I'm only going to refer to this third layer of this particular let-us salad.

Let us fix our eyes. When you have a problem, an issue, a struggle where is your gaze? Where are you focused? Where are you looking? Is your fix in need of fixing? This implies that you control where you're focused. However, before we proceed it's crucial we fix something right now: this verse is not describing where we should have our focus only in times of trouble, or only when problems occur, or only when we're experiencing tough issues. NO! This verse implies we are to fix our eyes at all times in one direction: on Jesus.

Some of you are in need of getting your fix fixed.

The question isn't where are you focused when trouble comes? The question is where are you focused? Period. Where is your focus? At all times? You see, the word fix here in Hebrews 12:2, means more than just looking, gazing, attaching to something or in this case, to someone.

This word fix is a two-step process. It means to first turn your eyes away from something or someone and fix them on something or someone else. The writer of Hebrews knew that our focus and our perspective can get cloudy, hazy, and skewed; it can even wander. As followers of Jesus our desire should be to focus on Him; we should want to see Him in our every-days. We should look for Him at all times. The problem we sometimes face is that there are so many things vying for our attention, our gaze, our focus. Spouse, kids, parents, job, homework, hobby, friends, T.V., computer, health, bank account, laundry, dishes, the to-do list, and on-and-on it goes. Where should you have your eyes? Where do you have your eyes? Is your fix in need of fixing?

God has the solution, He has the fix. Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Fix them on Him. Literally, allow your spiritual eyes to only adhere to Jesus. That doesn't mean you ignore all those other things vying for your attention. Actually it means they will have the proper place in your life if you are first and foremost fixed on Jesus.

The 'O' in S.L.O.W. means to Observe His Commands. When I read fix your eyes on Jesus I don't observe that as a suggestion from God. I choose to observe it as a command, the right thing to do, therefore, in order to live a S.L.O.W. Livin' life, I chose to get my mixed-up fix fixed, I choose to reset my fickle focus and get it fixed, I choose to:

FIX my eyes on JESUS!!