Giving Thanks In AWE Things

Being thankful. That's the meaning of Thanksgiving. A time to give thanks. A time to consider all the things we have and to be grateful for them. And we should.

50 Thanksgivings. That's how many Thanksgivings I have lived through. For 50 years I have eaten great feasts, watched many football games, gathered with family & friends... and have been extremely grateful!! I have focused on all the things I am grateful for. I am thankful for much. With a grateful heart I still recognize the things I have and I am truly thankful!

This year as my 51st Thanksgiving approaches I have had a focus shift. I'm still thankful - highly thankful - but I have a different perspective. As I think about all the things I am thankful for it causes me to consider how I even received them. And then my eyes are opened to the Giver of all I have.

I am grateful for The Giver. I am in AWE of The Giver and all He does; I am in AWE of who God is; I am in AWE. [period]

I am AWEstruck by all the Giver has given.

I am giving thanks in AWE things instead of giving thanks for ALL things.

I am AWEstruck at how God loves. He chooses to love - even through all our junk - He loves. God loves you and He loves you right where you are. And yet, there's more that should cause you to be AWEstruck: He loves you right where you are but He loves you too much to leave you there. Stuck. He loves you, yes, and He loves you even if you're stuck in misery, stuck in the past, stuck in the muck of unforgiveness or lack of joy - stuck. And He still loves you. This should cause you to be AWEstruck, not ALLstuck.

I am AWEstruck that He provides a way to unstuck us. I am AWEstruck at God's grace.

Grace is the goo-gone for our junk. Grace is what God sheds on our junk so we can be AWEstruck by His love instead of stuck in junk. Grace. Amazing Grace. Grace, simply put, is getting what we don't deserve. God gives grace. Be grateful to the GIVER of grace. AWEstruck. Awestruck at God's Grace.

I am also AWEstruck at the cross. I stand in awe and give thanks to the Giver of the cross. The cross is a symbol and it is proof of how much God loves. This is what makes me AWEstruck: Jesus died on the cross because the blood of Jesus needed to be shed His blood is our lifeline His blood will save anyone from their sin; His blood is powerful; it will free you and give you victory over death and that makes me AWEstruck.

Have you ever been thankful for a hardship? Grateful for a struggle? What about when life is hard? What about when you're struggling is it possible to be AWEstruck even then? YES! AWEstruck isn't about what you're experiencing it's about who God is no matter what! As life gets hard I want to remember how good God is and I simply desire to be AWEstruck with His love and His grace instead of ALLstuck in whatever hardship is present in my life.

I love being a wife and a mom. And I find great joy in taking care of my family's needs. I'm not one to find great joy in cleaning the house. I do it because it needs to be done. There have been times when I have been stuck ALLstuck with all that needs to be done. It takes intentional focus on removing the annoyance of cleaning in order to be AWEstruck at the AWEsome responsibility of caring for my family.

Annie Hawks was a homemaker who lived a long time ago. One day Annie was doing her everyday responsibilities and she was suddenly overwhelmed not with the tasks she was doing she was suddenly AWEstruck in the everydayness of her life and she penned the words to the great hymn, 'I Need Thee Every Hour. Like Annie, I desire to be AWEstruck in the awareness that I need Jesus every hour of every day so that I don't get ALLstuck.

What about you? This Thanksgiving will you give thanks for ALL things or will you give thanks in AWE things?