Jesus reached the spot

Spot ~ a mark or a stain.

Spot ~ something that mars ones character.

What spot has stained your life? What spot mars your character?

This past week I had the opportunity to speak at the Spring Arbor University chapel service {to view, copy and paste this link:} I shared a message about two different men who had separate encounters with Jesus. One of those guys is Zacchaeus. As I studied and looked deeper into his story I'm intrigued by many things, but this one thought keeps popping out bigger than others: Jesus reached the spot.

Luke 19:5 (New International Version) "When Jesus reached the spot, He looked up and said to him, "Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today."

Other versions say it this way, "When Jesus came to the place..." Literally this means any portion or space marked off.

What spot in your life is marked off and hasn't been reached by Jesus yet?

Zacchaeus had spots. He had places untouched by Jesus. We learn from Luke 19:2 that ol' Zac was a tax collector and he was rich! His responsibilities would be to collect taxes for the government. Collectors would then increase what a person owed and pocket the overage for their own personal gain. Everyone knew this was a common collector's practice. Collectors were not held accountable for their cheating ways. Everyone hated tax collectors. Duh! Who wants to be associated with or socially connected with a lie and a cheat? Spots. Needless to say, Zacchaeus wasn't on many party lists. And it would make him a lonely man. More spots.

Luke 19:3 "He wanted to see who Jesus was, but being a short man he could not, because of the crowd."

Zacchaeus had spots. He had a physical limitation of being able to see Jesus. Well, he at least thought that's what caused his inability to see Jesus. The crowd was his inhibitor of being able to see Jesus. Well, he used that as his excuse, anyway. Thoughts. Spots.

Just because you think it doesn't make it true!

Luke 19:4 "So he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore fig tree to see him, since Jesus was coming that way."

Zac appears resourceful. He appears to focus on a solution instead of a problem. He thought if he could just climb a tree it would be good enough for him to see Jesus. It appeared that just a glimpse of Jesus would suffice. Appearances. Spots.

Just because it appears one way doesn't make it true!

Zac's short stature and the people in the crowd were not his problem, his inhibitor, of being able to see Jesus. The only thing in the way of Zacchaeus being able to see Jesus was Zacchaeus and the spots in his life that remained unmarked, untouched, unreached by Jesus.

Jesus reached that spot.

Here's the truth. Before Zacchaeus heard Jesus was approaching, before he was a tax collector, before he was rich, before he was hated, before he grew short, before he was even born, Jesus had an appointment with Zacchaeus. God ordained and orchestrated this event. Jesus must meet with Zacchaeus because it's on His holy agenda. Before Zacchaeus had a desire to see Jesus, Jesus had an appointment to reach Zacchaeus' spot.

You were born with a spot. A hole. In your soul. And like Zacchaeus only Jesus is able to reach that spot and make it whole.

And once Jesus reaches that spot, He can reach other spots, stains, that mar your character and have been marked off by your unwillingness to allow Jesus to reach them. Jesus loves to reach your spots. He desires to reach them, change them, forgive them, cleanse them, renew, and redeem them. The problem could be that you're up a tree and just getting glimpses of the Savior.

Jesus hung on a tree so you wouldn't have to climb one. Perhaps it's time for you to get out of that tree. Jesus no longer hangs on His tree. He conquered His tree so you wouldn't have to ever climb one, remain stuck in one, keeping you at a distance from your Savior.

Why are you satisfied with thinking that a glimpse of Jesus is good enough? Just because you think it doesn't make it true!

It may appear that Jesus can't reach that particular spot that keeps you at a distance from being face to face with your Savior. Just because it appears that way doesn't make it true!

Luke 19:5 tells us what Jesus said to Zacchaeus when He reached the spot: come down immediately, I must stay at your house today.

As Jesus reaches your spot He tells you the same thing.

Come down immediately. Don't hesitate. Don't waste time. Don't think. Don't try to figure out what this appears to be. Just act. Now. Jesus is at the spot. He's waiting for you to come down out of your tree and move in to the spot that had distracted you from allowing Jesus to move in and stay.

I must stay at your house today. It's what He does. It's what He hung on His tree for. It's the way that was designed so He could reach your spots. He moves in. Permanently. Forever.

Jesus reached the spot.

What's your spot? Fear? Anxiety? Bitterness? Laziness? Unforgiveness? Pride? Jealousy? Gossip? Bad attitude? Lack of faith? Jesus reached it. He's at your spot. Come down immediately! Jesus must stomp on your spot today. Jesus promises to stay.

Jesus reached the spot.