A big word. An intimidating word. A deep definition. defines it like this: a foreseeing care and guidance from God.

God's care and God's guidance come through His understanding and His knowledge of what is about to happen...of what hasn't occurred your life. God is never surprised by your circumstances. God is never aghast by your troubles. God is never without a solution to your issues. God is never unaware of your joys. God is not surprised by your successes. God knows exactly what you need. God knows exactly when to meet your need. God knows.

Providence knows. 

God is aware of your yesterday, He is present in your today, and God certainly has your tomorrow on His vast, all-knowing, ever-aware radar.

Does that bring you comfort or confusion?

I have had many conversations of late with varying people in regards to the particular circumstances surrounding their lives. Cancer. Anxiety. Worry. Depression. Parenting. Jealousy. Betrayal. Misunderstanding. Change. Marriage. Relocating.

Mind-boggling situations affecting Christians. And that's just to name a few.

It can be overwhelming to be focused on the things you can't control, the situations that aren't to be affected, the issues that don't seem to have solution. Overwhelming and overpowering; to your emotions, to your mental state, to your relationships, to your spiritual life. UNLESS...

Unless you recognize Providence. Unless you trust Providence. Unless you depend on Providence.

I have a friend, a sister in Christ, who is currently my real-life hero. Names aren't necessary. Seeing Providence in her current situation is the point.

About three years ago my friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer [that means it had already spread to another site in her body.] Providence knew.

When my friend was diagnosed she was pregnant with her third child. Providence was aware.

Surgeries, chemo, and radiation. Providence wasn't surprised.

Recently my friend found out that the cancer has raged once again. Providence isn't shocked.

My friend is an example of not choosing confusion but rather being comforted by Providence. God can care for my friend, her husband, her children...He can guide them in all their next steps [however difficult, sad, tragic they are] because God is Providence...God knew before a CT scan proved it that the ugly, malignant cells were causing destructive activity in her body. Providence knew it.

My friend can not change what's happening inside her body. But she has all control over how she'll respond to it. And this is why she is my hero ~ because she is living proof of Providence. Since hearing the news of the raging return in her body, the news that didn't shock or surprise Providence, my friend has shared some thoughts with me and I gained her permission to share them here.

These are her exact words:

~ God is with me and He comforts me.

~ I know the Lord will never leave me.

God is good all the time. 

~ Only God knows the plan and I am trusting in the Lord.

~ Jesus is my Rock and my Savior and he brings me comfort.

~ As I talk with God and pray to Him early each morning when all is quiet I am an open book. 

~ He knows my heart and I give God all my fears and burdens so I have the strength for the day

~ Yes, 'because He lives I can face tomorrow'!

~ I know God's love and he will carry me through the tough times, He will never leave me, I am not alone. 

Can you see Providence at work in my friend? This is what happens in a heart that recognizes Providence; trusts in Providence; depends on Providence. My friend is proof of Providence. She is in a fight of all fights and she already has the victory. As a Christian the victory doesn't come after the fight. Victory comes knowing, recognizing, trusting, and depending in the One who was already aware and present before the fight began. Providence.

Providence allows the believer to live with this assurance and confidence of victory over whatever circumstance, situation, or issue that is affecting you.

~ I would love it if my story could help someone else to grow closer to the Lord and find the comfort I have in knowing Christ as my personal Savior.

My friend speaks truth. Providence has been in action for eternity. It never began, it'll never end. Providence has just always been. Providence provided its greatest provision for us to know victory. Providence provided our victory. Providence is Jesus. Victory is only found in Him.

Jesus is the reason my friend knows comfort.

Providence has always known this.