The 3 C-s of Christmas

The angel said, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today a Savior has been born to you: he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: you will find Him lying in a manger.

God did it again. I love when this happens. He revealed a new thought from a familiar, many-times-read piece of Scripture.

This passage from Luke offers three significant insights, three significant focuses, three significant, well, three gifts: I call them the 3 C-s of Christmas.


The CRADLE. " will find Him lying in a manger..." The manger - a feeding trough for animals - was used as a cradle for the Baby Jesus. The angel reported that Jesus would be found in the manger. A wooden box animals ate out of was used as a cradle for the Little Lord Jesus to lay His sweet head. A dirty, stained, stinky animal feeding trough was where the little Lord Jesus was cradled.

Every human heart is a cradle. It holds something, or someone. But until Jesus is held by your heart's cradle, like the manger, it too is dirty, stained, and stinky.

Won't you make sure your heart CRADLEs the little Lord Jesus this Christmas?

The CROSS. "...Today a Savior has been born to you..." The wooden CRADLE cannot be recognized without the wooden CROSS. A popular picture shows a toddler-aged Jesus playing in his earthly daddy's carpenter workplace. Little Jesus is stooped over near a window and the sunbeam shines on Jesus and casts a shadow on Him. His shadow is of a CROSS, not a little boy. As the shadow of the CROSS shines on the little boy Jesus it's noticed He's playing with three large nails.

The CRADLE held the Savior, Jesus, because He would one day hang on a CROSS. Before the CROSS shadowed the boy Jesus, it shadowed the CRADLE.

Rather simple, wooden objects of the CRADLE and the CROSS both held Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. The CRADLE delivered the Christ so that He could die on the CROSS to deliver you from your sins.

Won't you make sure you recognize the blood of Jesus that CROSSes out your sins this Christmas?

The CROWN. "...He is Christ the Lord..." I recently read that throughout the history of the world thousands of babies have been born and then became kings. But only one time in history has a King been born a Baby. His Name is Jesus Christ. He is Christ the Lord.

Jesus left His throne and His CROWN in heaven where He was seated right next to His Heavenly Father and came to lay in a CRADLE with the purpose of dying on a CROSS. And this was God's plan from the beginning of time. It wasn't a spontaneous plan, it didn't come too early or too late...the plan of all plans happened at the exact moment when God said it would happen. For all people who place their faith and trust in this Baby Jesus, Who is Christ the Lord, they will one day share His CROWN. Until then...

Won't you CROWN Him with many crowns?

When Christmas is celebrated without Christ all you have left is _ _ _ _ _ _ mas. Phonetically speaking, all you have left is  _ _ _ _ _ _ miss. A big miss.

Won't you please make sure you don't miss out on the 3 C-s this Christmas? Be careful you aren't like the innkeeper who had no room for the Baby Jesus, the Christ, and MISSed out on truly celebrating Christmas. All the innkeeper had was  _ _ _ _ _ _ miss. A big miss.

Fix your eyes and your heart on the CRADLE, the CROSS, and the CROWN and you won't miss out - you'll know, experience, and celebrate the peace, hope, joy and love CHRISTmas brings.