Two Things

Two things: everything and anything

These things are often inappropriately used. Perhaps you’ve heard “everything is ruined” or “you don’t let me do anything.”

Humans have the capacity to exaggerate some things. God does not. God is honest, straightforward, uncomplicated in His Word, the Bible. He uses things relevantly and expects them to be applied effectively.

Philippians 2:14 ‘Do everything without complaining...’

Could you live a day without complaining?  Our first thought or verbal response might be “absolutely not!” How would the news, politics, friends, family, dinner, co-workers, laundry, kids, wardrobe, traffic, spouse, prices, computer, phone, commercials, agendas, final scores, the weather get discussed? There would practically be silence at the water cooler. Social media posts would be lacking.

Followers of Jesus need to pay attention to Paul, who wrote this thing involving everything. And yet, Paul didn’t stop there. He had another thing to say.

Philippians 4:6 ‘Do not worry about anything…’

Wait. What? Is he serious? Clearly this Paul guy was living a problem-free, zero-chaos life. The only people who don’t complain aren’t breathing. I’d like to be with Paul where he lived if he refused to worry about anything.

If those are your thoughts then you’re misinformed, ignorant, about Mr. Paul. Fact is, when Paul wrote this letter to the Christians in Philippi exhorting them to stop complaining and urging them to cease worrying, he was chained up in a prison cell. Now, that would give someone a thing or two to complain and be worried about.

Not Paul. Paul refused to complain and he chose not to worry. Paul had another way of dealing with his circumstances. Rejoice. Paul chose joy. Paul was so consumed with joy that in this short letter, turned Book of the Bible called Philippians, he mentions joy or rejoice about 16 different times. His chains were not his focus. His surroundings were not his dilemma. His body was in prison, chained to shackles, but his heart only saw, spoke, and knew joy.

How? He didn’t complain. He didn’t worry. He made an intentional decision to fill his mind, his mouth, his heart with the joy of the Lord. Now that’s something to consider.
Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. I will say it again: Rejoice! Philippians 4:4

Living as Jesus intended,                                                                                                   Ellen

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Comment 1

At this time in my life one would think, the kids are grown she has it made she doesn't have to worry about them anymore. On the contrary. 3 years ago God called me to help my second son's family when our preemi was born, I spent 3 months with them. Next my oldest needed me not once but twice for his family and now we are dealing with our 3 son having cancer. There is always two ways of looking at things. You can be depressed about everything, the child being born early, the cancers that are in the families oy you can see that little with nothing wrong with her, laughing and running an talking. And rejoice in the healing of the cancer. I'm choosing to rejoice in the blessing God has given me and my family, even when things aren't quite where they should be but I know Gods hand is no me.