Today I was struck by a word: REMAIN.  I love when God's Word does this. A word is revealed and I pay attention. Hours after being struck, REMAIN remains stuck on my mind. I don't mind.

REMAIN was revealed. REMAIN remains stuck to me. 

There is only one place a follower of Jesus should REMAIN. Jesus uses this word in John chapter 15. He uses the word repeatedly: REMAIN in me and I will REMAIN in you...Now REMAIN in my love...If you REMAIN in me and my words REMAIN in you...

See? His Word REMAINS, it's stuck to me. I still don't mind. 

As I was studying 2Samuel 11, the story of David and Bathsheba, this word REMAIN was first revealed to me. Most are familiar with the story here in 2Samuel. King David notices Bathsheba from his palace as she's bathing on her rooftop. He sends for her, sleeps with her, she gets pregnant. Sin. Sin. Sin. 

David's sins keep piling up. To hide the fact that he's the reason she's pregnant he has her husband murdered - but that was Plan C. Plans A & B failed. [read 2Samuel 11 for the whole account]

What about the word REMAIN? Here it is: 

2Samuel 11:1 In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king's men and the whole Israelite army...But David REMAINed in Jerusalem.

David REMAINed. Many followers of Jesus are stuck on their faith journey. Perhaps they're like David. No, not adulterers and murderers. Rather, stuck, because they REMAIN, instead of being where they're supposed to be. 

The only place a follower of Jesus should REMAIN is in Jesus. 

David REMAINed in Jerusalem and he turned weak, complacent, lackadaisical. He was the king. THE king of God's people and he stays home in his palace while his army is out fighting battles. David REMAINed - it didn't land well for him.

I'm reminded of Eve. She REMAINed next to a tree talking to a snake. Had she not REMAINed in a conversation with a snake she would have REMAINed in paradise. That didn't land well for her.

Noah built an ark. All the people watched him build this massive ship for 100 years. They thought he was crazy - until the rains came. For those who REMAINed outside the ark, it didn't land well for them. 

As a follower of Jesus, REMAINing anywhere other than in Jesus will get you stuck. And this, my friends, will not land well for you.