Make it go away!

How many times has the demand make it go away been uttered by you in prayer, pleaded internally, or even screamed out loud at God? Followers of Jesus utter, plead, and scream all kinds of demands at God.

What happens when God answers not yet

Before Jesus began His ministry of preaching, teaching, and performing miracles He had a significant experience - one where He could have chosen to utter, plead, scream, demand make it go away to the Father.

But He didn't. 

Luke 4:1 Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert

He was led into the desert. Led into the dry wasteland. Led into the wilderness.

The Greek word ago is translated led. Jesus was led into the desert but ago goes a step further - the word also means He was accompanied by the Spirit. The Spirit of God led Jesus to the edge of the desert. But the Spirit also crossed the threshold with Jesus, walked with Jesus into the wilderness, and walked alongside Jesus deep into the dry wasteland.

The Spirit did not give Jesus directions and leave Him alone. He didn't drop Jesus off at the edge saying see you in 40 days, stay strong, hope it goes well. He didn't ignore Jesus or forgot about Him while in the desert.

And Jesus never uttered, pleaded, screamed, or demanded that God make it go away. 

As followers of Jesus, it makes perfect sense that we too will be led into a desert. It should also make perfect sense that followers of Jesus respond and react to desert expereinces in the same manner as Jesus.

  • Jesus faces the desert - He doesn't avoid the wasteland.                      
  • Jesus quotes God - He doesn't question God. 
  • Jesus stays put - He trusted the Spirit to lead Him out since He led Him in.

When God's answer is not yet to your demand make it go away you have an opportunity to imitate Jesus in the desert.

Don't avoid the wasteland. Face the wilderness with an assurance of provision - manna, unexpected help, is found in the desert. [Deuteronomy 8:16 & Revelation 2:17] Streams in the desert are provided by the very one who leads you there. [Isaiah 35:6]

God's Word is revealed to you in the desert. Trust His Word, don't doubt or question it. God says He is with you always and will never abandon you [Nehemiah 9:19] and that includes when you're led into the desert. Quote His promises often. One must know His promises to quote His promises. 

Don't rush deliverance. Look for it, hope for it, trust it will happen. But don't rush it. There are lessons to learn in the wilderness - if you're only looking for escape, you'll miss what the Spirit of God wants to teach you and show you. After all, He led you there and He will not abandon you.

Change the demand make it go away to thank you, Jesus, you don't go away.