An encounter with Jesus

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What do you want me to do for you?

Jesus asks this of a blind man. Go ahead, look it up, Mark 10:51. See? It's right there in red letters. An impulsive answer might be, "Duh! he wants to see." 

What occurs before the question should have your attention.

Mark 10:46 A blind man is begging as Jesus passes by. 

Blind Bart had one thing on his agenda for the day: beg. Same plan every day. Claim his spot, lay down his cloak, take a seat at the center of his cloak, and wait for the passers-by.

The cloak was essential to a blind man. The cloak and beggar are inseparable. It was his security, it marked his his safe zone, and reserved his spot at the edge of the city. An effective beggar had a long cord attached to his cloak, while at the other end a bowl was attached. When something was deposited in the bowl, the beggar would yank the cord and draw the bowl close, retrieving his revenue. Hidden pockets were fashioned into the cloak's layers holding and hiding everything the beggar owned.

Mark 10:47 On this particular day, the ordinary became extraordinary. As Blind Bart heard Jesus was part of the passers-by he began to vociferate. Blind Begging Bart bawled in a loud, strong voice, imploring Jesus, have mercy on me! 

Followers of Jesus don't always follow well. 

Mark 10:48 Those followng Jesus, including his disciples, vehemently rebuked the bawling beggar, harshly telling him to hush up. They may have even pushed him back toward his begging spot, an awkward altercation for sure.

Jesus stopped.

Mark 10:49 Two beautiful words. Blind Begging Bawling Bart has Jesus' attention. Because he was the loudest? Not at all. Because Jesus has a divine appointment with Bart. Because Jesus loves Bart. Because Bart's cry for Jesus was heard. Jesus stopped. Jesus paid attention to Bart. 

Any encounter with Jesus requires a response.

Jesus told his followers, the same ones who rebuked Blind Bart, to call him toward Jesus, participating in Bart's significant encounter. Cheer up! On your feet! He's calling you. The Greek word for call is phoneo. It's as if Bart gets a phone call from Jesus. A personal call from Jesus.

Mark 10:50 Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus. Be very careful not miss the order of events. Blind Bart leaves his security, his safe place, his everything before he comes to Jesus. Blind Bart jumps off his boundary marker and catapults himself toward Jesus. Blind Bart encounters Jesus.

A blind man sees Jesus.

Blind Bart is in a face-to-face encounter with Jesus. The eyes of his heart are fixed and focused on Jesus. The eyes of his heart have 20/20 vision. Yet, Bart is still blind.

What do you want me to do for you?

Mark 10:51 This question from Jesus came to Blind Bart after he wholeheartedly saw Jesus. Blind Bart has all he needs - Jesus. He left everything and came to Jesus. That's enough, because Jesus is enough. Blind Bart was whole because of Jesus. Even though his eyes were unseeing holes in his face, his heart was whole. But Bart has faith that Jesus is able to restore his physical sight so Blind Bart answers, I want to see. 

Mark 10:52 Immediately Blind Bart could see. Immediately Bart followed Jesus. Bart faithfully followed Jesus - not because he received his sight, but because he desired to follow Jesus. 

It's your turn to answer the question.

What do you want Jesus to do for you? Consider what you're attached to that needs to be thrown aside. Consider where the eyes of your heart are focused. 

Bart wholeheartedly followed Jesus before he answered the question.