A Rearview Perspective

Question: what is the significance of the rearview mirror?

Answer: it provides a view of what's behind.

Question: which is larger, the windshield or the rearview mirror? 

Answer: the windshield.

Question: when driving, which do you use more, the windshield or the rearview?

Answer: the windshield.

Question: what would happen if you drove your vehicle with the rearview as your only view?

Answer: going forward would be dangerous, difficult, disastrous, and destructive.

Later today we will welcome in 2016 - parties, friends, food, football, auld lang syne sung [or hummed] ushering in the new year. Many people celebrating the end of one year and looking forward to the next.

Question: are you celebrating that a year is done or that a new year begins?

Answer: both are happening; both should be recognized.

The best way to begin January 1, 2016 is to see yesterday, 2015, through the rearview.

For me 2015 was a challenging year. Many good things occurred in this year. Many difficult things happened as well. There were major changes. There was some disappointment; there were a lot of tough decisions made. I experienced joy and peace. There was even heartache and some disappointment. All are now in the past. However, they're also still in the rearview mirror. Since I don't have the ability to forget the heartache and disappointment I certainly have the choice of how I will view them. Are they in the windshield or the rearview?

I can choose to leave the hurt in front of me. If I choose this, then the hurt is carried into 2016 and it's also still seen through the windshield. Choosing to leave it in 2015 puts it in the rearview mirror - I know it's there but in order for me to move into 2016 with a proper perspective I need to look through the windshield. When I'm focused in that direction I can't see what's in the rearview mirror. I'm aware of it's presence but it will not be a part of what guides me and it will no longer be a part of my forward vision.

The rearview view is beneficial. It can give me a view of what I missed; it can show me what I hit, what I ran into, what I lost. A rear view can also show me where I've been. Seeing where I've been can help me as I gaze and focus on what's in the windshield. I don't want to forget the tough things. The lessons I learned through the hurt are valuable. And it's the lessons I will choose to see through the windshield. The hurt stays in the rearview, the lessons move forward.

The rearview mirror can also be a tool used to not make the same mistakes. It can help us stay out of trouble, avoid problems, see danger. But it must be used in conjunction with the windshield.

There's one more 'view' we cannot ignore as we gain a proper rearview perspective. It's the view from the passenger door side mirror. The wing mirror.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. And it's true - anything viewed through the right side wing mirror has the perception that it's actually closer than it really is. There is a great deal of physics involved in explaining why this message is necessary on this mirror - explanation I am unqualified to give.

Question: then why bring it up?

Answer: it's a good idea to have truth imprinted, etched, engraved in a visible place.

In 2015 I applied some truths to the hurt and disappointments I faced and they will be imprinted, etched, and engraved on my windshield as I walk into 2016.

2015 Truths:

Just because they say it [or you feel it] doesn't make it true.

God's will must be done God's way.

Wearing the Name of Jesus also means bearing His Name.

Stop trusting in what you feel and start trusting in what you know.

Jesus loves you right where you are but He loves you too much to leave you there.