topics & themes

Ellen is passionate about teaching women to live as Jesus intends.

As you consider inviting Ellen to your event, choose a topic below or she will create messages to fit your theme. Any topic or theme mentioned below can be modified or adapted into a single message or a two, three, or four session retreat or conference.


UNASHAMED: Too many followers of Jesus have been deceived to believe shame must be accommodated and tolerated. Ellen digs deep into real people in the Bible who suffered destruction and damage shame brought into their lives. But God has a better plan: live free of shame. Ellen carefully, yet boldly, confronts this intimidating and often ignored topic so women can truly live as Jesus intends.

FACE to FACE: Chaos, confusion, and commotion grab our attention all too often.  Ellen uses real people from the Bible to encourage us in our current realities. These same people were distracted by chaos, confusion, and commotion. Enter Jesus. His presence shifted their gaze and changed their focus. Having our eyes fixed on Jesus, from a face-to-face encounter with Him, allows proper perspective, perfect peace, and passionate purpose through the disruptions of life. 

DELIGHT: God sees you Isaiah 62:4 says, "...for the Lord will take delight in you..." This theme is designed as a two-session event, but it can be modified to fit your needs. It is true that God loves you right where you are…but it is more…He loves you too much to leave you there. Sarah and Hagar’s story of angst and anguish will lead us to God’s intention of delight and discovery of His providential care.

FIRM FAITH Isaiah 7:9 says, "...if you do not stand firm in your faith you will not stand at all." This theme is designed as a two-session event, bit it can be modified to fit your needs. The first session would be focused on taking a firm inward stance—Christ dwelling in us and making us steady to face whatever comes our way. The second session would be focused on taking a firm outward stance—living out a firm faith so others will see Jesus through us.

RUTH TRUTH: Is surviving enough? Ruth would say, "No way!" Her story reveals how to THRIVE regardless of life's circumstances. She experienced deep hurt, she was uprooted—her only companion a bitter woman.  Ruth faced crisis and tragedy—and yet, she consistently thrived, refusing to live in mediocrity.
DEEP: hold on to the DEEP truths of the faith [1 Timothy 3:9] The Book of Jonah is where this theme settles as Ellen takes an intentional look into three basic truths. Do you desire a deeper walk, a deeper love, and a deeper relationship with God? Then dive into this theme and go deep.

UNMASKED: Masks conceal and cover up, disguising who truly lives behind the facade - causing us to live life as if in a masquerade.  Jesus says, ”I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.” It’s time to remove the masks preventing us from living this abundant, vibrant, and joy-filled life. Ellen unveils who our Enemy is—The Villain; who our Savior is—The Vine; what distracts us—The Voices; and how to live as Jesus intends—The Victory
centerPEACE: Can God really bring purpose from a broken, messed up life? Ellen takes a candid look at the women named in the genealogy of Jesus, the Christ. Their broken pieces connect to the Prince of Peace and offer hope and purpose in the midst of despair. Placing Jesus at the center of life brings peace in the midst of any pieces.

RECONNECT the DISCONNECT: It’s not just for Christmas anymore. A fresh approach on the Christmas story. Removing Christ from Christmas is not a department store problem. Disconnecting Christ from certain areas of life is a Christian issue that shouldn't be ignored. Ellen uses Luke 2:10-12 to reconnect The Call, The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown to our everyday life.

4 - D {lessons from Luke}  Life is hard - what to do when the difficult things persist? Doubting seasons, Debilitating situations, Desperate circumstances, and Downcast scenarios recur and keep followers of Jesus frustrated. Ellen uses four specific stories from the Book of Luke to prove a good God brings purpose in the midst of difficult times.

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